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Spring BABY!


It’s my birthday on March 1st. I want to do something happy and great! I would love to not have to set foot in a bar, unless it had great dancing, was douche bag free, cheap cheap cheap drinks, and everyone I know was there. If no bar…then what? I would love suggestions….


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The colors, textures, prints, and patterns are great in Burberry’s Spring line. Simple, comfortable, every day attire. I love that the sailor-style bell bottoms are coming back strong.

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I’m Poor


I have decided to get this permanently drawn on my body.

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Paula Hayes


It’s so perfect!

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Cover Status


We got the cover of the stranger!!!!

Photographer-Lauren Max

Styling/hair/make up- Jackie Waites

Models- Brock & Isabel

Great job team!

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Photographer Jean Depara


Jean Depara was a photographer in the 1950’s. He lived in Kinshasa, where he worked taking photos of celebrations, portraits, and families. At the time, Kinshasa was the center of music for the Rumba and cha cha, which played all night. You can see it in the pictures. I get the best feeling when i look through Depara’s work. What I would give to have lived during the 195o’s. In a place with so much culture and music, and I bet the sexiest dancing ever. Not to mention the amazing clothing and style in all of his photos. I am so in love with all of his work. You should definitely check it out.

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